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Biomaghreb is a lab reagents supplier & manufacturer
 established since 1990. Biomaghreb is specialized in the
supply of laboratory Diagnostic Kits.

The founder is Dr Farah BELAIBA.PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from RENE DESCARTE UNIVERSITY - PARIS and has more than 7 years of experience in hospital
 in PARIS.

 During 17 years Biomaghreb has developed more than 50
reagent & diagnostic kit items specially in CLINICAL CHEMISTRY, BIOCHEMISTRY , HEMOSTASIS and LATEX RAPID TESTS.

 Today through collaboration with many other companies Biomaghreb offer to its customers a very big range of diagnostic kits and laboratory reagents and give a global response to the customers needs.

As a result, Biomaghreb has a dominant position in Tunisian market and is investing its resources to enlarge its activity in external market specially in ALGERIA and LIBYA .

Biomaghreb Middle East in AMMAN (JORDAN) will cover this area and IRAQ.

A clinical chemistry reagents manufacturer in tunisia


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