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Diagnostic kit and laboratory reagent


Biomaghreb is a lab reagents supplier and manufacturer established since 1990 in Tunisia. Biomaghreb is specialized in the supply of any kind of laboratory reagent and Diagnostic Kit.

The founder is Dr Farah BELAIBA.PhD in pharmaceutical sciences from René Descarte Paris University and has more than 7 years of experience in hospital laboratories in Paris.

During 29 years Biomaghreb has developed more than 50 reagents and diagnostic kit items specially in clinical chemistry, biochemistry, hemostasis and latex rapid tests.

Today through collaboration with many other companies Biomaghreb offer to its customers a very big range of diagnostic kits and laboratory reagents and give a global response to the customers needs.

As a result, Biomaghreb has a dominant position in Tunisian market and is investing its resources to enlarge its activity in external market specially in Algeria and Libya.

Biomaghreb Middle East in Amman (Jordan) will cover this area and Iraq.

Diagnostic kit

clinical chemistry reagent

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